FOXBOX Retail crosses 1000 customers in 2020. Thank you for trusting us.

The Marketing Challenge

Many companies dont have any formal referral program. Its done in an adhoc manner Companies leave it to sales team to collect referrals from existing customers offline.

Existing Customers are wary of giving references as they do not trust that they will get their rewards, since there is no way to track the progress of leads shared.

There is a need for a tech based trustworthy mechanism where the referrals provided, can be tracked and rewards are honored which can lead to quality leads.

FOXBOX Referral+ program provides a trustworthy referral program

ReferralOne Program

  • FOXBOX ReferralOne Cloud Solution Program has all features to help get the best leads from your best customers and rewards them for their effort.

Online Lead Generation

  • With FOXBOX Referral+ a landing page is created which provides information on the programs and rewards and explains the benefits to the customer.
  • On enrolling, he can provide leads securely online.

Tracking of Leads

  • FOXBOX Referral+ programs provides a unique feature of tracking the status of the lead which builds trust among customers through transparency.

Integration of Leads with Lead Management System

  • The leads generated by the program can be integrated with LMS system of the company using API’s.
  • This leads to better follow ups and conversions

Redemption of Rewards

  • Those customers whose lead convert are provided with a simple application to redeem their rewards.
  • FOXBOX provides a large catalogue of relevant reward options including latest brand offers, vouchers and even experiences.
  • A comprehensive rewards catalogue leads to better participation and motivation by customer.

Secure and Custom Built

  • The technology used comes with highest security and the program can be custom built for our customer requirements.

Faster Turnaround in Rewards Delivery

  • Another friction in referral program is the delivery of rewards to the end customer , FOXBOX provides end to end management of the program.
  • Once redemption is done, FOXBOX’s team would arrange the article from its warehouse and ship it directly to customer in a reasonable time.
  • This way he gets his rewards fastest time possible and stays motivated to provide more leads and leads to positive WOM.

Custom Reporting

  • The program can provide custom reports to the user on leads generated region wise, status of leads, leads converted, redemption requests, and final delivery status.

Customer Stories

ICICI Home Finance intended to acquire new customers by leveraging their current base of customers using an effective.

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Established in 2016, in a short span of 4 years, FOXBOX Retail became the first company in the B2B space having over 1000 clients. Some of. 

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FOXBOX Retail helps power your business by providing custom martech solutions that drive Sales, Loyalty, Engagement and Brand Identity. 

Customers would give more leads

If customer can track the progress of his lead so he is more likely to trust the program and provide the lead.


Less dependence on Sales Team for Leads

The sales team can focus on sales and ensure higher conversions.

Scalable quickly

With technology its easy to scale the refer all program pan India.




Cost Saving

Since the program and rewards are centrally managed there is tremedous cost savings.

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