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The Marketing Challenge

In today’s competitive world, for most customers all products are undifferentiated and he is seeking for more during purchase.

They are already flooded with discounts and standard offers during purchase which makes their decision making process tough.

A brand needs a strong promotion offer make the customer prefer your product over the others. An offer which he can’t refuse.

FOXBOX Rewardify helps brands provide a unbeatable promotional offer using Discount Vouchers.

Curating Discounted Offers from Top Brands

Curating Discounted Offers from Top Brands

  • FOXBOX curates best of conditional offers from top brands relevant categories which interest the target TG.
  • Customers are attracted by these offers as these are exclusives.
    FOXBOX has liaison with over 100 brands and will develop a curated list based on your TG .
  • It will develop an offer such as ‘Get Rs 25000 vouchers free which will have offers from top brands’.

High Percieved Value a deal clincher

  • Customer receives a high perceived value offer.
  • For e.g. On Buying AC Worth Rs. 40,000, he receives gift vouchers worth Rs. 40000 from over 20 top brands.
  • Such offers create an instant preference towards the product.
High Percieved Value a deal clincher

Low Cost for Clients

  • What makes this sales promotion truly good is the cost of running the campaign. It is staggeringly low.
  • The cost is dependent on the number of customers to be contacted. For e.g. For a bundled offer worth Rs 25000 Gift.
  • Vouchers, cost would be in single digits, if volumes are high.

Online Process for Effective Implementation

  • The brand vouchers would be sent via email or portal directly through customers mobile .
  • Thus eliminating the need for printing physical booklets also the cost of printing and logistics cost is saved.
  • Also ensuring faster turnaround time.
Secured Technology. Easily Scalable

Secure Portal for Managing Customer data

  • FOXBOX develops custom portal , landing page for customers to visit and redeem their portal.
  • The site is equipped with latest security protocols and is on AWS.

Quick to Launch

  • This program is based on our SAAS application list and hence it would not take much time to launch these programs.
  • It can be launched in 2 weeks time,

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FOXBOX Rewardify helps business to improve sales by providing low cost sales promotion offer.

High Impact Sales

Such Promotions results in instant uptick in sales due to instant gratification.


Low Cost, High Impact

The benefits vis a vis the cost of the program is the biggest plus point of this promotion.


High Percieved Value

Customers get much more for the cost they pay. The value of the total offering goes up sign-ificantly.


Online, Direct to Customer Offer

Since in this program the offer is directly sent to the customer on his mobile, this ensures better control, instant gratification and better results.

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