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ICICI HFC: Referral Program

ICICI Home Finance intended to acquire new customers by leveraging their current base of customers using an effective referral program.

FOBXOX developed a comprehensive referral program which was designed to elicit maximum participation from existing customers. It knew that most of the referral programs do not work because of customers trust issues. Customers believe that once they share the leads they are not informed of the status of their leads, they are unaware if their lead actually converted or no.

FOXBOX sought to address this issue by developing a powerful referral program that took care of this aspect. Through this program, client can invite the existing customers on to the landing page of the program where he can inform them of the program details and the rewards to expect.

Once the customer consents to share the leads, he will fill up the lead form where he will share the details of the lead. The leads are then integrated with the lead management system of the company where it can be tracked. The customer who gave the lead is given a unique id through which he can track the actual progress of the lead. This gives him complete control over the process.

If the lead is converted then, the customer is intimated and would be provided with points which can be redeemed against prizes promised before. Once the customer redeems he will be able to redeem them and the reward would be shipped/ delivered directly to him.

This program resulted in effective leads being generated for our clients.


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