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How FOXBOX powered Sandvik’s Central Marketing Merchandise Store – eBusinessSTORE

FOXBOX has built a central marketing portal for Sandvik to manage all its marketing and service collateral requirements. Users such as marketing, sales, service, admin, HR can now order Sandvik marketing collateral through the secured portal.

FOXBOX manages the warehouse centrally and all products are bar coded and stored at the central warehouse unit in Mumbai.

Once the order is punched in the system the goods move from the warehouse to the respective locations i.e. offices, warehouses, customer locations or regional offices. Dispatch details are uploaded in the portal so users can track the deliveries. Stock positions are updated real time and restocking can happen.

Through this portal, Sales, Admin, HR and Marketing team can now efficiently order company branded merchandise online and have control over their deliveries.

The marketing team has complete control over how the brand is being represented in the market for collaterals and other materials thanks to the centralized system powered by FOXBOX Business eSTORES.

The centralized sourcing and stocking has led to 12% savings in procurement expenses. And more important it has resulted in faster turnaround time of shipping the merchandise to the end customers.

The central marketing portal also provides for the sales team to order Sandvik branded marketing collateral using a one level approval system. Here the sales team can punch their request and it would be approved by their seniors through the dashboard. Post these approvals goods would be dispatched. The sales team gets points credited at the start of each month and it would be subsequently deducted after every purchase that is approved.

FOXBOX has made all these modules based  on custom requirement of its clients Sandvik and can develop the same for you. Do schedule a talk with our stores consultant and see how we can help streamline your process.


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