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The Marketing Challenge

The pandemic has led to creation of a new challenge for companies which demands less physical contact with employees, prospective customers, clients and channel partners.

Companies are unable to rewards, gift, incentivize their employees, customers, channel partners, employees in the traditional way.

There is a need for a radically different solution one which addresses the concerns of the companies as well as safety of the stakeholders.

FOXBOX eSwagAccess Pass

Is a SAAS based platform which helps you send digital/physical gifts to your customers , employee , media, channel partners and your prospects through an secure online platform

Allow customers to choose their own gifts online.

Choice to send Instant Digital Gifts / Physical.

Create excitement around the brand/ event with Swags.

No Need to stock or carry Inventory.


Custom Designed Redemption Website.

How It Works

Step 1: Customers Receives a Mail with a Unique eSwagAccess Code.


Step 2: Recipient is directed to a secure portal custom made for the event. 

Step 3: He Enters his credentials email / Mobile number and accesses the  secure website.

Step 4: He can now access the gifts of his choice curated specially for him Merchandise, Virtual Gifts, and Branded Goods.


  Step 5: He selects the gift he wants to   redeem and enters the access code to securely redeem the gift.




Step 6:  The Gift is delivered to him online instantly for digital gift and   sent across to the address provided by recipients for physical gifts. Customer Address is captured at checkout.

Choice of Physical or Digital Gifts



Digital Vouchers from All Leading Brands.





Physical Gifts – Over 500 products to choose from electronics, to bags, apparel, stationary etc.

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