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The Marketing Challenge

Companies currently develop their logo branded merchandise in adhoc manner with no adherence to guidelines on logo usage and product quality .

Different teams order basis their own preference with no regards to correct brand logo usage This results in inconsistent portrayal of the company brand logo among other stakeholders and public.

There is a need for a central repository of approved company merchandise which has been vetted for quality, price and more importantly brand guidelines.

How FOXBOX Company BrandSTORE helps protecting brand idenity usage

Central BrandSTORE Portal

  • FOXBOX develops a secure centralized portal which will offer all company logo merchandise which are approved by brand and commercial teams.

Control Brand Guidelines and Product Quality

  • With a centralized portal, all aspects the BrandSTORE including products quality and brand guidelines can be controlled by the brand teams.

All Stakeholders Can Purchase from CentralBrandSTORE

  • Employees can come online and purchase official brand merchandise without worrying about approvals and logo guidelines.
  • Other stakeholders like Channel Partners can purchase from this store.
  • There is no concern on wrong logo usage.

Approval Systems

  • The Portal can have various features such as authorized approval required to place an order.
  • In such a system, end user places an order and it is approved by a senior before it becomes confirmed.
  • This ensures proper vetting of orders placed in systems.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

  • All materials are centrally stored in warehouses and shipped based on request received.
  • This ensures faster turnaround of request and faster delivery to end users.

Customized Reporting

  • The portal can provide comprehensive reports to the administrator across user data points such as who ordered. for what purchase. Spend Patterns. Products Shipped. Time Taken for Deliveries. This analytics can help in improving productivity of the operations.

Customization of Features

  • The system can be customized as per client requirement.
  • There may be situations where a company requires a specific process flow, in such case FOXBOX would understand the process and then develop a system as per the same.
  • Few companies require Single Sign On systems , which can be executed.

Choose from 100 of merchandise for the official Store

  • BrandSTIK provides a list of over 100 merchandise across all major categories like Apparels, Drink ware, Bags, Stationary, Work Essentials, Gadgets.
  • The comprehensive list ensures that brand store can have a good collection of products across categories and price points.

Promotional Mailer for promoting Official BrandSTORE

  • FOXBOX teams will also assist the brand /HR teams to create awareness and engage with the users by sending regular mailer updates with new offers.

Physical Display of BrandSTORE at Offices 

  • FOXBOX would also assist in physical promotion of the products listed on the brand store through Kiosk being set up in company premises.

Customer Stories

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The Employee BrandSTORE helps a company protect its most valued asset its brand and how its represented across merchandise.

Control Brand Identity on Merchandise

Standardize the branding of logo across all merchandise.

Standardize Pricing

Central portal makes this possible.




Ease Of Ordering

Great Visibility for your brand.



Maintain Quality

Ensure only high quality merchandise for company merchandise.


Employee Culture

Initiatives like BrandSTORE for employees promote Employee culture and engagement. 


Last Minute Gifting Solutions

Having a Employee BrandSTORE is ideal for last minute gifting of company branded merchandise.

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