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The Marketing Challenge

As brand grow bigger, it struggles to manage the diverse requirnment of marketing merchandise and rewards from across organizations.

The marketing team simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to manage these request since bulk of time would go in handling operational aspects for such projects.

However they would like to control on brand usage, quality and pricing of merchandise going in the market.

How FOXBOX BrandSTORE solves this problem

Central BrandPortal

  • FOXBOX develops a centralized portal which lists all approved marketing assets for a company.
  • These are pre approved for quality, pricing and are 100% brand complaint.

User Management

  • Users within a company’s ecosystem can be given access to order from the portal as per their needs
    Employees, Distributors and Sales Staff can buy directly or through approval mechanism built in the portal.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

  • All materials are centrally stored in warehouses and shipped based on request received.
  • This ensures faster turnaround of request. And faster delivery to end users.

Approval Systems

  • The Portal can have various features such as authorized approval required to place an order. In such a system, end user places an order and it is approved by a senior before it becomes confirmed.
  • This ensures proper vetting of orders placed in systems.

Budget based Redemption 

  • There is also a possibility to include a budget based redemption system, whereby sales team are given budgets and they can redeem only against budget available.

Customized Reporting

  • The portal can provide comprehensive reports to the administrator across user data points such as who ordered. for what purchase. Spend Patterns. Products Shipped. Time Taken for Deliveries. This analytics can help in improving productivity of the operations.

Customization of Features

  • The system can be customized as per client requirement.
  • There may be situations where a company requires a specific process flow, in such case FOXBOX would understand the process and then develop a system as per the same.
  • Few companies require Single Sign On systems , which can be executed..

Customer Stories

FOXBOX has built a central marketing portal for Sandvik to manage all its marketing and service collateral requirements.

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FOXBOX manages the marketing inventory warehouse for Saint Gobain Norton and Grindwell. It manages production, invetory and..

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The Business BrandSTORE helps a company tremendously to develop an efficient mechanism to distribute marketing merchandise across the geographies while controlling cost, brand and quality.

Complete Control Over Brand

Marketing can control the brand identity across its merchandise in an efficient way.


Ease Of Ordering

Everything Online makes it easier to pace orders and track.

Maintaining Quality

Better Quality Control though centralization.               




Better pricing is assured through aggregation of orders.


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