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Employee Store Case Study: ICICI Bank

FOXBOX has developed and runs one of the largest employee brand stores in the country for ICICI Bank.

Back in 2018, ICICI Bank wanted to standardize company logo branded merchandise across its offices to ensure consistency of brand across merchandise. FOXBOX developed a secure online store which could be accessed by company’s employees across the country to purchase ICICI bank logo branded merchandise.

The portal was integrated with the company’s internal app for easy access.

The portal offered products across apparels, bags, gadgets, stationary, drinkware and home décor. It even tied up with NGO’s under ICICI group and listed products developed by them

A small kiosk was developed which displayed the product range at the company’s HQ to create awareness of the company’s branded merchandise.

Coupon codes and other promotional mailers are being sent from time to time to promote engagement and excitement of the brand store among the employees.


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