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Case Studies on how FOXBOX’s Solutions eliminated Clients pain Points.


We present 10 different case studies across industries and products.

How an NBFC Client used Discount eCoupons Rewards program of FOXBOX Retail to incentivise customers to continue paying EMI’s

The current ongoing pandemic has resulted in a lot of uncertainty in the banking and financial sector. Due to the economic downturn, one of the major concerns has been

How FOXBOX powered Sandvik’s Central Marketing Merchandise Store – eBusinessSTORE

FOXBOX has built a central marketing portal for Sandvik to manage all its marketing and service collateral requirements. Users such as marketing, sales, service, admin, HR can now order Sandvik marketing collateral through the secured portal.

Merchandise Case Study: Handling the most complex merchandise + global logistics for World Cup Merchandise

Our client was one of the sponsors of the world cup and FOXBOX’s merchandise division BrandSTIK was awarded the contract to develop the world cup merchandise for its clients.

Channel Loyalty Case Study: Muthoot Finance

Muthoot Finance had been running an offline reward program which incentivised its dealers with a fixed reward at the end of the campaign period. However this program never managed to motivate the dealers to positively respond to

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