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FOXBOX Consulting develops custom solutions which helps brand improve the sales by providing incentives and offers to the end customer. FOXBOX has a tie up with over 100 brands, which can be leveraged to develop special offers which can be a win win to both the brands involved.

Brands gets more customers.
Customer gets better incentives and offers which leads to higher consumption.

FOXBOX has on offer amazing incentives for customers who buy your brand in form of discount coupons or free gifts. Such offers increases traction for your brand.

  • Customer gets free gift on purchase of your product but pays only for shipping. e.g. On every order customer gets a free bag from a premium brand. He needs to pay only shipping fee.
  • Customer gets brand coupons which is 10x times the price which he is paying to buy a product. e.g. He pays Rs. 250 to buy a product but gets brand coupons worth Rs. 2500.
  • FOXBOX can develop Value Added Service projects, like a digital platform which is available post purchase of a brand, to which can provide cutting edge information and offers an exclusive members only portal. e.g. If a customer buys a brand X, he gets exclusive access to a portal which offers special deals.
  • If you have an idea, we can execute the same.

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