FOXBOX Retail crosses 1000 customers in 2020. Thank you for trusting us.

Give your sales a booster by running a high impact sales promotion offer.

POWER  Your Sales

with pre - approved templates, marketing can
ensure asstes always remain 100% brand

Control Brand Identity

Better reward catalogue, easy redemption and
smooth delivery experience.

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Over 800 Corporate Clients

FOXBOX Retail helps power your business by providing custom martech solutions that drive Sales, Loyalty, Engagement and Brand Identity. We provide end to end solutions including merchandise, technology, supply chain solutions and have experience of servicing 800+ clients with over USD 10 mn. consolidated revenues since inception. 

Our Business


Retain and Reward Your Most
Important Assets.

Channel Loyalty
Customer Loyalty


Control how your brand identity
is distributed in the market.


BrandSTORE for Business
Employee Store

Advantages Of

We are the only company in India which offers end to end solutions relating to Rewards, Loyalty and Company store solutions in India.

One Stop Solution Platform

FOXBOX provides a suite of applications relating to loyalty, referral, points based redemption, vouchers , brand store through its SAAS solutions.                                               


Strong Tech Support

We use the latest and most secure technology to ensure our solutions are not just robust but 100% complaint.


Team of Dedicated Professionals

At the end of the day we are passionate about this business and focused on delighting the client with our products and solutions.


Custom Tech Solutions

FOXBOX also develops custom tech solutions focused on solving your problem. This is possible due to modular approach of our SAAS application. We can use them as building blocks and create specific solutions for our clients.

Product , Technology, Supply Chain Solution

What makes us truly unique is the fact that we have integrated Product and Rewards, technology and supply chain solutions offered under one roof.



We’ve worked with 1000 clients

When you work with that many clients, we are able to distill the best practices and learning from all our clients and build it in our solutions to better service our clients business.

Customer Stories

FOXBOX has built a central marketing portal for Sandvik to manage all its marketing and service collateral requirements.

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With the consumer loan market being highly competitive our client, an NBFC wanted to create a preference for his loan offering am..

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FOXBOX manages the marketing inventory warehouse for Saint Gobain Norton and Grindwell. It manages production, invetory and..

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FOXBOX executed a dealer loyalty and redemption portal for Muthoot Finance. Through this program dealers earned points based…

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Every Customer who opened a one Savings Account with ICICI was eligible for a special offer. Customer received a coupon code and can 

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ICICI Home Finance intended to acquire new customers by leveraging their current base of customers using an effective.

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